Spartacraft | Corporate Headshots

I have been working with the fabulous custom woodworking company, Spartacraft, for years now. They have two areas of service: one is flag cases and other items that military families find useful. The other is full-on custom woodworking. And let me tell you — they make some AMAZING pieces. From accents for walls and entryways to entire kitchens and dining rooms, they do it all.

I think perhaps one of my favorite things about them as a company is that they have great people working for them. They are kind, easy to talk to and know what they are doing. That makes them so great to work with!

I recently re-designed their website and we decided to add a staff bio page. So, in I went with camera and gear and we captured some up-to-date staff photos in front of their display of wood finishes.

I absolutely love corporate headshots because, unless you do some kind of illegal and terrible work, I like to make people smile and capture that real, genuine smile. Who doesn’t want to do business with someone that looks so happy?

I should take this moment to note that I have never done corporate headshots for anyone that does illegal and terrible work. You know. Because that sentence didn’t make much sense and it’s more fun to include this note than to try to fix it. 🙂

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