No Foolin’ | Dance Photographer

Sometimes I act a fool. Why not? It’s fun and it makes the people around me smile.


I try hard not to act a fool when I am around people that wouldn’t enjoy some good tomfoolery.

Toady I share with you my dancing tomfoolery. I photograph the lovely talented dancers of the NewArt School of Ballet in Newton at least once (sometimes twice) a year. They get all dolled up, smooth their bun heads, and put on their costume for The Nutcracker or whatever spring show they are dong (this year it is Cinderella) and I act a fool from behind the camera to get mom and dad that smile they are after. You know… the real one with the lit up eyes.

This year was extra fun because my student assistant, Darbey, was there almost every day to help me. Once I was satisfied with the camera settings, I let her shoot. Then I posed and ran quickly out of the shot to do what I do best — say it with me — tomfoolery. It worked very well for all involved and we had a much easier time with both the posing and the getting-kids-to-smile bit.

And, of course, since I had Darbey armed with my camera, I got to partake in some on camera antics as well (see, you thought I was going to say tomfoolery again, didn’t you?). Enjoy.

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