My Love | Head Shot Photographer

My love needed a new head shot. Well, he’s needed one for about 15 years, but he finally sat is butt down in front of my lens (for about 5 minutes — no pressure).

So, after a rather taxing morning of trying desperately to get a precious little 4-day old bundle of new-smelling joy to sleep for photos, my love gave his hair a little fluff and Big Sexy and sauntered in for his close-up. And I wasn’t kidding. He was about to teach a lesson and gave me literally 5 minutes. Then he said, “awww, I’m sure you’ve got a good one in there.” and off he went.

Whew. I hoped I had a good one for Mr. Picky Pants.

I say that with love. I am JUST AS PICKY as he is. Maybe more. After dropping them onto the ol’ mac and sorting, I found two I loved. I give you, My Love….



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