Les Miz | Las Show Shenanigans

Sometimes on the last performance of a show, people engage in shenanigans. Most actors are professional enough to keep the shenanigans to a minimum or to at least engage in off-stage tomfoolery.

And of course it had to happen with such an epic show as Les Miz.

Near the end of Act I the boys all sing a rousing song in which they decide to go to war with… well… with France, I guess. Seems like a bad idea, but they are all gung-ho about it. Their stage directions have them walking a circle from the center of the stage around to the edge and off the other side. If you didn’t follow that, they have to walk in a direction that puts them looking directly into one of the back stage areas on their way by. And the girls that stand there to sing had a fun treat planned for them.

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