Les Miserables | Hickory Theatre Photographer

If you have looked at any of my more recent blog posts or if you are my facebook friend, you know — I was Fantine in the Hickory Community Theatre’s Les Miserables in May. During the rehearsal period I was asked to shoot our little Cosette in the same manner as the movie poster Cosette and I did. You can see that here.

I offered to photograph anyone else that wanted a similar style photo pf their character and many of the cast took me up on that offer. Above is some of the characters of Les Miz.

I wanted the background and shadows to be dark. This show is full of the darkness of humanity and I wanted most of the characters to represent that. I tried to adjust the lighting and poses to reflect each individual character and what they bring to the story. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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