Les Miserables | Attack on the Rue Plumet

The way the green room at the Hickory Community Theatre is positioned, you can hear the drums quite loudly in songs where they are played. In Les Miz, there weren’t too many drum-heavy numbers, but one in particular created great fun for the off-stage cast.

The song that is titled Attack on the Rue Plumet is where Thénardiers and his band of misfits try to rob Jean Valjean. Outside of his home, though, Eponine intervenes and screams, scaring away her father and likely sealing her fate for a beating later. Just after she screams, the music goes into a softof rock beat while Thénardiers sends his men away and promises to exact his revenge on Eponine, his daughter.

While all of this is going on onstage, those that have a break backstage are enjoying the drums. This one is a bit long, but it’s fun. It’s all of the nights I filmed the Rue Plumet Backstage Dance Party strung together. If you don’t want to sit through the whole thing, at least scub to the end. The last night, Thénardiers booked it downstairs after he ran offstage and manage to shake his booty with all of us for a few seconds.

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