Growing Up | Child Photography

If you look above, that first photo was capture September 29, 2011. Tiny little Baby E was just days old. Her daddy came home during his lunch break to see how things were going. After checking out the set-up and poses, he disappeared out the back door. When he came back in, he had that precious little rose he had picked just for his precious little rose.

Her name means “God has answered our prayers” and He had.

Flash forward to this spring and she is growing up way too fast! I guess they tend to do that, don’t they.

The second photo above is her mother at the same age she is now. Her mother sent that photo to me and said she wanted to capture a similar pose of Baby E (now Little Miss Independent E) in the same dress.


We managed to get a few that are close and a whole lot of funny faces along the way.


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