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GC_one-day-HickoryI’ve been working with my pal, Mandy, over at Grant CREWS for a while now. We set her up a new website and have been managing her email blasts and print materials as well as a few other marketing items.

She’s got a great service that she offers to non-profits and artists (well, anyone that wants to learn how to write grants). Her job is two-fold. First, she is a grant writer for hire. She can do all manner of things involved: research, writing, consulting and more. And she also teaches. I can say from experience that her workshops are the best!  I took her two-day workshop a few years ago after writing for and not receiving a few grants. First grant I wrote for following her workshop…

BAM! Grant awarded!

I’ve received two others since then as well! I’m not a non-profit, so any grants I write for are for me personally, as an artist. But the knowledge I gained from her workshop was well worth it.

Anywho, we decided to change up her poster this fall and I’m rather happy with it. It’s a little bit funky and a lot in your face. We definitely aren’t being shy about what we’re advertising. 🙂 If you are local, hopefully you will see these around. Share this info with your non-profit and artist friends. They’ll love you for it!

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