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Col_Parker_blogI got the text in the car on the way home from a fabulous family vacation (in which I only took out my camera once — sometimes you have to just be in the moment and not try to capture it). Don’t worry. I wasn’t driving. 🙂

The text was from Brad, the owner of Carrington Court — a quite fabulous custom chair company that has made an appearance or two here on the blog. He had a friend that was in urgent need of a photo of a WWII veteran. Apparently the Pentagon needed it.

Well, in that case… ok!

It so happened that we would be arriving home with a few hours to spare, so I happily offered to capture the Colonel.

It turns out that Col (Ret.) John Parker, now 91, flew more than 100 missions in his 31 years with the Air Force. He had some close calls and some very scary times. The photo here is the one sent to the Pentagon. If you look at the image behind him, that was the type of plane he flew. If I’m not mistaken, this particular image was captured from HIS plane. You can even see the bombs being dropped out of the bottom.

It was more than a pleasure to meet and photograph Col. Parker. I extend my sincerest thanks to him and all of our military men and women!

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