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It’s a little known fact that I can’t say (or even think) the name “Bill” without pronouncing it the way Esteban, the Mexican pimp, pronounces it in Kill Bill. You really have to pop the “b” and chew on the rest of it: Beeeeeeelh.

I digress. Bill is a local actor that has appeared on stage in a few community theatres. I first saw him in “The Producers” at the Hickory Community Theatre, and he was a hoot as the German bird guy! I’m sure he had a name, but it’s totally more fun to call him the German bird guy.

He wanted to really make a go of pursuing more film and commercial work. He’s got a great sense for timing and delivery and I think he’ll be fabulous! Of course, he needed up to date head shots to go out into the world of the Hollywood of the East (which I no longer consider just Wilmington — it’s pretty much North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia).

I was happy to be able to snag a few shots that he loved.

Keep an eye out on the blog. I’ll be releasing a monthly deal-you-don’t-wanna-miss for head shots soon!

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