web_about_2The first time I felt like an artist was in elementary school.

I grew up in a tiny little town. My mother liked to say that when you drove through it, if you blinked you’d miss it altogether. Even still, our elementary school had band, chorus and art classes. One year my parents generously signed me up for after school art lessons and I was hooked. I learned pottery, pointillism, attempted to draw my left hand without looking at the paper, started to see things in forms and shadows; it was an amazing time and instilled a love of art that I still carry with me today.

A few short years later my world exploded…

…in a good way.

My middle school years were filled with things that shaped who I am today as a person and as a professional. I did my first play and was firmly bitten by the theatre bug. Theatre became a huge part of my life and still is to this day. Around the same time, my father taught me how to use my mother’s old film camera. We set-up a dark room in an extra closet and I was completely captivated by the whole process.

Today I consider myself a multi-passionate artist.

For me, art is beauty. As a graphic designer I get to find the beauty in small businesses and use that tell the world about them. As a photographer, of course I’m finding the beauty in my subject. As a film maker, the beauty is in the motion. As a singer and actress, I have the privilege, if only for a moment, to live the beauty. And with all of these things, releasing the beauty lies in the story telling.

Professional Bio:

Carol Anne Hartman is the owner of Carol Anne Hartman Design & Photography, LLC, a multi-media advertising and marketing group that serves North Carolina small businesses as well as nationwide companies. As a photographer, she offers commercial and personal services, but her specialty is entertainers: actors, musicians and dancers. Actors have been known to drive great distances to use Carol Anne for their headshot photographer.


Carol Anne is married to Hickory Arts Artistic Director Jeff Hartman. They have three crazy boys (who are growing up entirely too fast) and a nutty wiener dog.